Welcome to The Tailgate Gourmet!

"Who or what is The Tailgate Gourmet?" you may be asking yourself.

The Tailgate Gourmet is a premier personal chef service serving Androscoggin, Cumberland, and Sagadahoc counties. Tailgating often conjures up images of sporting events of all kinds with large crowds in parking lots; the people are huddled around BBQ grills of all shapes and sizes and everyone is having a wonderful time. It is the image of friends enjoying each other's company and great food that is the inspiration for the name of this personal chef service.

It is an answer to the age old question of “What’s for dinner?” Today’s working families have little time to prepare nutritious meals between work and family activities – PTO meetings, sports, dance recitals, rehearsals, etc. As a result, dinner is often take out or a visit to one of the family’s favorite restaurants. In either case it is not always a great solution. The Tailgate Gourmet can provide you with the answer to the question. And even more importantly, the chef can give you more time to spend with your family while you finish cooking the meal and while you enjoy some great tasting food.